Change from the inside out.




                                  Balance​ _____

My philosophy

Since I was young, I have been used to people coming up to me and sharing their thoughts and difficulties in life. Somehow, people feel safe with me, they feel they can be themselves.

I really didn’t understand how they could, because I myself was an insecure and doubtful individual. But with time, research and more than one fall, I realised that the most important thing is not to be a goddess of perfection but a present, non-judgemental and caring human being. 

Those people saw in me what I could not see myself; and I then learnt to do the same withYOU.

I see you and your inherent potential, and I intuitively create a safe space for you to become aware of it and take charge of your emotional experiences. 

Through your own commitment, you will understand what's holding you back from the life you want and deserve.

I will gently guide you through healing past trauma and limiting beliefs, all the while honouring your individual creative power.

I will remind you to be compassionate when fear and procrastination knock on the door. I remember them well enough to know that is time for you to tap even more on your intention and invested dedication.

I truly believe we all have a unique genius laying dormant inside of us and I am passionate about supporting you in finding it.

In order to do that you need to reconnect to your BODY, your HEART and its ancient WISDOM. 

Through simple and effective mind-body energy techniques you will experience how you can shift your emotions and create an harmonious signal that will support you in your everyday life with:

- Reducing ANXIETY and STRESS levels -

- Improving HEALTH and LONGEVITY -

- Establishing a better RELATIONSHIP within yourself and OTHERS-

- Overcoming FEARS and PHOBIAS -


- Finding deep FULLFILlMENT for greater HAPPINESS and ABUNDANCE -

- Shifting from feeling "powerless" to "POWERFUL" -


- Sustaining internal BALANCE and promoting VITALITY -


It is a worthwhile journey into:

greater AWARENESS, structural INTEGRATION and authentic EXPANSION. 

I will walk with you for some of the way, and a change in perspective will be your compass for the rest of the journey, where things no longer "happen to you", they "happen for you".

You will have a sense of deeper meaning for what goes on inside and outside of yourself; 

a divine catalyst of growth and a precious opportunity to recognise the gratitude to find who you truly are and were always meant to be.