Everything in this Universe is ENERGY and that includes YOU.

Your physical body and state of your health… the thoughts you think… the emotions you feel… the happiness of your relationships… your satisfaction with your job… the amount of abundance flowing or NOT flowing in your life…It’s all energy.

Once you begin to see your life in terms of the energy that you are, you realise you have the power to direct that flow in your life.

That’s the moment EVERYTHING changes!

You may realise that unconsciously you have been perceiving the world through the misperceptions and challenges you faced early in this life, and the subsequent conclusions you drew. When that happens, you have an experience of self that is limited, coming from the perspective of, “How do I survive?” or, “How do I make it through this under these circumstances?”

It could also be, even if you’re not clear what, there are things you know you’d rather be doing...yet the belief is you have to keep doing what you are doing to pay the bills, to make things work, or because of commitments.

At some point though, you begin to sense and feel there's more beyond this limited view and start to question and name your “why”.

“Why Am I operating from a place of survival ?

What am I afraid of ?”

Why am I in pain?

“Why am I trying to control my life or other people in it?”

What is my purpose?

“Why Do I feel stuck?

Why do I continue to meet the same kind of guy?

That’s exactly the perfect time to start your healing path

Generally, when we’re stuck in a pattern of trying to make it work, trying to please, or to get others to do things so we feel okay and safe, we’re operating from a sense of a lie, that was established early on in life.

Through healing and integrating the past, you will learn to rise up through any circumstance. Not in spite of what happened in the past or what is going on now, but because of what is going on. 

Because ultimately, life is a LEARNING adventure.

As you identify the subconscious patterns that have kept you stuck for years, you’ll liberate yourself from past stories and challenging experiences, creating the right environment where a true and long lasting sense of peace and  well-being will emerge. 

You will no longer feel a victim. 

You will no longer, linger in pain

…on the contrary…you will embrace it being it a gateway to recognise present and inherited attachments.

You may realise that actually some things did not necessarily start with you!

As you discover how to take both the challenges and the opportunities that occur in stride, you start to wake up to your true nature,   the Creator you really are.

How valuable …would it be to be awaken to your own magnificence so that you no longer abandon yourself to please, to prove, or to succeed?

How invaluable …would it be to have the chance to explore what it means to truly love yourself?

How significant…would it be to realise that your purpose on this planet is nothing more than to be your full, Essential Self, unwaveringly?

Perhaps the moment has arrived to have that much needed heart to heart conversation with yourself, to go to your core, and connect with the true you that is there and always has been.

Your healing path would support you in going deeper and re-establish that valuable connection within you as you finally come home to yourself, to the true, authentic version of you, that has been waiting to reveal and be given the permission and power to live the life you truly dream of.

It’s time for you to step into the creatorship of your life and reveal the vibrant, joyful and abundantly loving energy being that you are.

It all starts with YOU

When you start assuming that the power is in you,

the outside conditions cease to have the power over what you can create in your life

William Whitecloud